A Ring size is a measurement that refers to the inside circumference of a ring. It’s vital that you know your correct ring size before purchasing a ring, or it won’t fit properly.

Different countries use different standardised systems for measuring ring size.

The 3 most common ring size systems used in UK, USA and internationally. For Australian sizes simply refer to the UK sizes, which are the same.

We advise you not to measure an existing ring you have at home with an regular ruler or tape measure. They won’t give you the high accuracy needed to size a ring successfully. If you are purchasing the ring for someone else, you can take one of their rings to a local jeweller who will measure it with a ring sizer tool.

We’d also advise against the “string method” – measuring your finger with a piece of string, marking the string and then laying this against a tape measure. This method is always not accurate because string is soft and stretchy, while a real ring is hard and keeps its shape.