We aim to dispatch all jewellery within 24 – 48 hours of receiving your order. Where possible, orders leave in the next available mail-out between Monday and Thursday.

If you are not at home when the Royal Mail postman arrives to deliver your jewellery parcel, you have 3 options:

  1. If you want your item quickly, the best way to get it is by going to the Delivery Office. You’ll find the Delivery Office address on the card which the Royal Mail postman left you. Make sure you take the card and personal identification (such as a driving license) with you.
  2. You can arrange a re-delivery via the Royal Mail website. The easiest way to access the website is by clicking on the tracking number in the delivery confirmation email we sent you. Royal Mail will re-deliver free of charge to your home or to an alternative local address, but bear in mind that a re-delivery takes up to 48 hours from the time you request it.
  3. You can call the telephone number on the back of the Royal Mail “missed delivery” card to arrange a free re-delivery to your home or an alternative local address. Note that a re-delivery will take up to 48 hours from the time you request it.

Can I add an engraving to my wedding band ring or diamond ring?

Yes! You can add engraving to any wedding ring over 2.5mm wide and most of the engagement and diamond rings. 

The engraving is priced at £25 (inc VAT) with a maximum of 14  characters.

You can choose for a selection of front.

Please make sure you ordered the right ring size, as once engraved it non – refundable.

We have been in business since 1974 and have developed many contacts that can supply us with great quality stock. This is coupled with the fact that we buy all of our stock in large quantities so that we can offer our customers a fantastic range and superb, affordable prices. We also have our own workshop with indoor designers, setters, and polishers.

All of our diamonds are Conflict FREE.

We sell 4 different grades of diamonds, we have chosen not to sell diamonds that have obvious flaws.

The 4 different grades of diamonds are:

G-H/SI Quality

G-H/SI2 Quality

J-K/SI Quality

J-K/SI2 Quality

Colour G: A bright white diamond. Expert knowledge is needed to identify any colour tint. In other words, these diamonds can essentially be considered near colourless

Colour H: A white diamond with no colour tint easily noticeable to the naked eye. Only when compared side by side with a better quality diamond are the differences noticeable.

Colour J -K:

A white diamond with some colour tint that are not easily noticeable to the naked eye.

Clarity I1-2: The “I” is short for “inclusions”. Any imperfections in the diamond can only be noticed if you look very closely at the stone (within 6 inches). With smaller diamonds these imperfections become even harder to notice. I1 is slightly cleaner than I2.

Clarity Si: An abbreviation for “small inclusions”. On this quality diamond, and certainly at under 0.50 carat, imperfections are not noticeable to the unaided eye. Only once under a jeweller’s high-powered magnifying glass can these inclusions be detected. You may see this category expressed as SI1 or SI2, with SI1 being slightly cleaner than S2.

Yes! Any purchase over £299.99 is including an authentic valuation