• Three Stone Engagement Rings

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  • Unique Diamond Engagement Rings and Proposal Ideas

    Your relationship is not like everyone else’s. So your engagement ring should be unique too! Here at Jewellery World,...

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  • White Gold Diamond Earrings and the History of Earrings

    Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of human body modification.  Some of the oldest evidence include carved images...

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  • Buying Gold Jewellery Online

    Wondering where to find a range of real gold jewellery online? Here at JewelleryWorld.comwe...

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  • A Histore of Sovereign Rings

    In many countries there is a tradition of wearing sovereign coin jewellery. But what is a sovereign coin? Sovereign...

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  • Online Jewellery Shop You Can Trust

    When buying jewellery online you have to be careful in order to avoid disappointment. Buying from a reputable Read more