• three stone engagement rings

    Three Stone Engagement Rings

    In one of our previous blog posts we talked about unique diamond engagement rings. We would like to carry on with this topic and tell...

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  • gold jewellery online

    Buying Gold Jewellery Online

    Wondering where to find a range of real gold jewellery online? Here at, we have more than a 1000 of pieces of gold jewellery, from...

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  • unique diamond engagement rings

    Unique Diamond Engagement Rings and Proposal Ideas

    Your relationship is not like everyone else’s. So your engagement ring should be unique too! Here at Jewellery World, you can find unique diamond engagement...

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  • white gold diamond earrings

    White Gold Diamond Earrings and the History of Earrings

    Ear piercing is one of the oldest forms of human body modification.  Some of the oldest evidence include carved images of soldiers of the Persian Empire...

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  • discount engagement rings

    A Guide to Discount Engagement Rings

    Here at Jewellery World we have a variety of discount engagement rings for you to choose from, you can take a look at them in...

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  • discount wedding rings

    A Guide To Discount Wedding Rings

    We have over 150 discount wedding rings available to purchase. You can visit our Shop to take a look but before you do, let us...

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  • sovereign ring

    A Histore of Sovereign Rings

    In many countries there is a tradition of wearing sovereign coin jewellery. But what is a sovereign coin? Sovereign coin is a gold coin produced by...

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  • online jewellery

    Online Jewellery Shop You Can Trust

    When buying jewellery online you have to be careful in order to avoid disappointment. Buying from a reputable online jewellery shop is one secure way to...

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  • diamond jewellery

    A Guide to Diamond Jewellery

    Diamond Clarity, Cut, Carat & Colour Diamonds are assessed and valued based on the Four Cs – clarity, cut, carat and colour. These terms are...

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  • beautiful precious stone

    A Guide to Precious Stone Types

     Precious Stones Precious stones such as diamond and sapphire are prized for their singular beauty and unique qualities. We source the finest precious stones to...

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  • precious stone

    A Guide to Types of Stone Cuts & Shapes

    When reading about or buying diamonds, the terms ‘cut’ and ‘shape’ are used almost interchangeably. In fact, cut and shape are two different criteria, and...

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  • silver jewellery

    A Guide to Gold, Platinum & Silver

    Among the most highly valued of all metals, gold has been treasured since the beginning of history. Pure Gold...
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