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  • A Guide to Precious Stone Types

     Precious Stones

    Precious stones such as diamond and sapphire are prized for their singular beauty and unique qualities. We...

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  • A Guide to Types of Stone Cuts & Shapes

    When reading about or buying diamonds, the terms ‘cut’ and ‘shape’ are used almost interchangeably. In fact, cut and...

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  • A Guide to Caring for Your Jewellery

    Caring for your Jewellery is important if you want your jewellery to stay perfect and last longer. Everyday dust,...

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  • A Guide to Gold, Platinum & Silver

    Among the most highly valued of all metals, gold has been treasured since the beginning of history. Pure Gold...
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  • A Wedding Anniversary Chart

    Anniversaries are a special occasion for any married couple and can be made even more special by giving your...

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