Unique Diamond Engagement Rings and Proposal Ideas

Unique Diamond Engagement Rings and Proposal Ideas
January 10, 2017 sophie

Your relationship is not like everyone else’s. So your engagement ring should be unique too! Here at Jewellery World, you can find unique diamond engagement rings that would make a perfect fit for your loved one, and you will hear her say ‘yes’! Pick out your diamond ring from our beautiful sparkling engagement jewellery.


Just like a ring, you will probably want to make your proposal very unique for your relationship. One of the great and unusual ways to propose is to make your second half go on a scavenger hunt. Think of few places that are meaningful to your relationship and with a help of your family and friends organise a scavenger hunt that will lead your girlfriend to the place where you will be waiting for her with a beautiful and unique diamond engagement ring.


Another way to make a unique proposal that is becoming more popular is to make a special video to show just before asking the important question. One of the ways to do it is recording a video of you at all the places that are meaningful to your relationship – your favourite park, the place where you had your first date, a shop where you got your first pet.

Alternatively, you can make a special photo album or a story book to propose with. Include memories of all the important moments you shared together, and a note on the last page that says “Will you marry me?”. You will be able to keep this book or photo album for many years to come, and it will remind you of this happy day when she said “Yes”.

Engagement rings in our collections range from more classically styled rings to truly unique and unusual ones. No matter what kind of an engagement ring you are looking for, you will be able to find The One in our shop!

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