A Histore of Sovereign Rings

A Histore of Sovereign Rings
December 20, 2016 sophie

In many countries there is a tradition of wearing sovereign coin jewellery. But what is a sovereign coin? Sovereign coin is a gold coin produced by the Royal Mint of England. On the coin you can find an image of the British Monarch at the time when the coin was minted. First sovereign coins were used as a message of power and nobility of the Monarch. Today these coins tend to be treasured and kept as an investment because of their historical value. You can find different types of jewellery made with sovereign coins, sovereign ring being one of them.

full sovereign ring

Find Your Sovereign Ring at Jewellery World

Here at Jewellery World, we have a collection of coin and sovereign rings that will make a great gift for any occasion – birthday, anniversary or just a way to show how much you care. We offer an option to add your own coin to our sovereign rings, so you can be sure your ring will be truly exceptional. Our skilled craftsmen have added a stunning basket effect around some of our rings to make them stand out (take a look at the beautiful St Georges Half Sovereign Medallion Ring).

sovereign ring

In our online jewellery shop we sell both full and half sovereign rings. But what does a ‘half sovereign’ mean? A half sovereign is simply half the value of that of a sovereign and was first introduced in 1544 under Henry VIII.

When choosing a sovereign coin ring online, you have to be careful to avoid buying a fake sovereign. The coin should not be slippery or too smooth, it should not have sharp edges. There also were no sovereigns produced between 1918 and 1925. The best way to avoid fake products is to buy from trusted online jewellery shops, such as Jewellery World. Take a look at our collections of sovereign pendants and sovereign and coin rings.

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