A Wedding Anniversary Chart

A Wedding Anniversary Chart
February 26, 2016 sophie
anniversary jewellery

Anniversaries are a special occasion for any married couple and can be made even more special by giving your partner fine jewellery to commemorate a special milestone. Different stones are associated with the different wedding anniversaries and traditionally, the longer the time a couple have been married for, the more precious the gemstone. Anniversary jewellery is a wonderful way to celebrate your love. Eternity rings also symbolise enduring happiness and love, and an eternity ring containing appropriate stones makes a beautiful anniversary gift. Below you can find a list of wedding anniversaries and the corresponding precious and semi-precious stones:


1st Anniversary :      Gold                            Our collection of gold rings.
 2nd Anniversary :Garnet                        Our collection of Garnet jewellery.
3rd Anniversary :Pearls                         Our collection of Pearls jewellery.
4th Anniversary :Blue Topaz                Our collection of Blue Topaz jewellery.
5th Anniversary :Sapphire                   Our collection of Sapphire jewellery.
6th Anniversary :Amethyst                  Our collection of Amethyst jewellery.
7th Anniversary :Onyx                           Our collection of Onyx jewellery.
8th Anniversary :Tourmaline
9th Anniversary :Lapis Lazuli
10th Anniversary :Diamonds                 Our collection of Diamond rings.
11th Anniversary :Turquoise
12th Anniversary :Jade                             Our collection of Jade jewellery.
13th Anniversary :Citrine                         Our collection of Citrine jewellery.
14th Anniversary :Opal
15th Anniversary :Ruby                             Our collection of Ruby jewellery.
16th Anniversary :Peridot
17th Anniversary :Watches
18th Anniversary :Chrysoberyl
19th Anniversary :Aquamarine
20th Anniversary :Emerald                       Our collection of Emerald jewellery.
21st Anniversary :Iolite
22nd Anniversary :Spinel
23rd Anniversary :Imperial Topaz           Our collection of Topaz jewellery.
24th Anniversary :Tanzanite
25th Anniversary :Silver Jubilee             Our silver collection.
30th Anniversary :Pearl Jubilee              Our collection of Pearl jewellery.
35th Anniversary :Emerald                      Our collection of Emerald jewellery.
40th Anniversary :Ruby                            Our collection of Ruby jewellery.
45th Anniversary :Sapphire                     Our collection of Sapphire jewellery.
50th Anniversary :Golden Jubilee
55th Anniversary :Alexandrite
60th Anniversary :Diamond Jubilee      Our collection of Diamond jewellery.
70th Anniversary :Sapphire Jubilee       Our collection of Sapphire jewellery.
80th Anniversary :Ruby Jubilee              Our collection of Ruby jewellery.