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Why Choose Onyx Jewellery for Men?

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but unless a man is purposefully going for that David Beckham/Kanye West metrosexual look then he might want to go for something a little manlier when it comes to choosing the gemstone in his jewellery. Luckily, when it comes to gemstones suited to the more masculine among us, there is a clear candidate that stands apart from all the others. That gemstone is the onyx.


Black Onyx

Onyx Stone Properties

The metaphysical properties that the ancients believed bestowed upon the wearer were numerous. The majority of beliefs held that the onyx would increase a man’s resistance to negative energies and help him focus his mind, enhancing memory retention and allowing him to pay more attention to detail. In this way the onyx can have many modern applications as all of the above are areas which we all need a little help in from time to time, be we big manly men, gentle women or something in between.

Physically, the onyx was said to inspire strength and aid in the recovery from poor health. And while modern medical advances mean we’d be foolish to forego that check-up at the doctor’s in favour of wearing black onyx jewellery, it’s interesting to note what tips and tricks the ancient civilisations have for us to try out and see what benefit they can have. Scientists and experts have long known of the power of the placebo effect, and it might well be the faith we put in such items as these onyx gemstones that inspires the positive mental attitude which helps us over comes physical ailments.

Of course, there’s a much simpler reason why black onyx jewellery and the like are still so popular with men everywhere, and that’s the fact that they just look really cool. They ooze swarthy sophistication and let us men utilise jewellery in a stylishly masculine way which dainty diamonds and other pretty precious stones just can’t match.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt

Men’s Jewellery – Hot or Not?

The onyx is the man’s gemstone and has been for a lot longer than you might imagine. Usually black in appearance when used in jewellery, onyx is a type of chalcedony created naturally by fine intergrowths of the minerals quartz and moganite, which often form beautiful streaks and patterns throughout the stones. It has been discovered all over the globe, though mostly in South American countries like Brazil and Uruguay, as well as in South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Interestingly, onyx begins being forged in the gas cavities of molten lava.

Though the black variety is the most popular, it’s not the most common type and often coloured onyx is manipulated to appear black for jewellery purposes. This process has been around since ancient times as the onyx in black form was highly valued by kings and high-born men. Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were especially taken with the onyx.

Its value stemmed not from its rarity in the earth or its natural beauty as is the case with many other precious stones, but from its many perceived abilities to help the wearer to either keep control of their emotions or prevent their passion from overtaking their senses. Wearing onyx rings or pendants was also believed to aid in wise decision making, as well as providing additional stamina and vigour which would help a man stand strong in the face of his enemies.

Men’s Gold Onyx Rings Make Great Father’s Day Gifts

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Don’t forget its father’s day on the 20th June, so now’s the time to get a gift arranged, enabling you to relax and enjoy the day to the full. Men’s Gold Onyx Rings are a perfect choice for a father’s day gift. Most fathers appreciate classic modern style and with men’s gold onyx rings you get this naturally. The masculine glossy black onyx compliments the gold in such a traditional way that it creates a traditional style that will never go out of fashion. There are also huge savings to take advantage of on the prestigious range of men’s gold onyx rings, allowing you can get much more for your money.

9ct Gold Crossover Signet Men’s Gold Onyx Rings

Crossover Mens Gold Onyx Ring

Treat your dad in style this father’s day with the likes of the 9ct Gold Crossover Men’s Gold Onyx Signet Ring. The contrast of the black onyx and bright shine of the yellow gold really works well and will enhance any outfit you wear it with. In addition to father’s day you can also buy the 9ct gold crossover signet ring to mark a special birthday or other occasion.

9ct Gold Oval Heart Men’s Gold Onyx Ring

Oval Heart Mens Gold Onyx Ring

Show your dad how much you love him with this appropriate 9ct Gold Oval Heart Men’s Gold Onyx Ring. This stunning ring features a bold onyx stone set in a gold lattice band of beautifully carved hearts. The 9ct Gold Oval Heart Men’s Gold Onyx Ring will compliment any skin tone and match both smart and casual occasions. You can also save a mega 50% off the RRP price of the 9ct Gold Oval Heart Men’s Gold Onyx Ring which means father’s day doesn’t need to be too costly this year.

Onyx Jewellery

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Onyx is actually a form of Quartz, the colours of Onyx range from white to pretty much all colours except for purple and blue. The use of Onyx in jewellery has been active for many years, although Onyx is natural most of it is produced by staining Agate. Onyx Jewellery is a classic and favourite choice by many and often used to celebrate milestones.

9ct Yellow Gold 15mm Boys Onyx Jewellery Ring

Onyx 9ct Gold Ring

Onyx 9ct Gold Ring

Treat your child to some special Onyx Jewellery such as this gorgeous Onyx Kids Ring. You can match this ring with other Onyx Jewellery to complete the set. Highly skilled craftsmanship has gone into this ring and it will last a very long time, at the same time as making your child feel all grown up.

9ct Yellow Gold 15mm Girls Onyx Jewellery Ring

9ct Yellow Gold 15mm Onyx Jewellery Ring

9ct Yellow Gold 15mm Onyx Jewellery Ring

Add this beautiful 9ct Yellow Gold Ring to your daughter, nieces or friends collection, adding to or beginning their Onyx Jewellery. This onyx ring can be worn with any clothing and as often as wished. The Onyx heart shaped stone looks simply wonderful set in the warmth of the 9ct yellow gold. This ring is lightweight so wearing it is even more enjoyable.

9ct Gold Crossover Signet Onyx Jewellery Ring

Onyx 9ct Gold Crossover Signet Ring

Onyx 9ct Gold Crossover Signet Ring

Add a hint of sophistication and style with this masculine glossy black onyx stone. The signet ring will suit any outfit both smart and casual. The wonderful shining gold compliments this dark onyx jewellery perfectly, creating a bold and confident statement. These Onyx rings are ideal as a gift for a milestone birthday, as well as other occasions.

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